You have just received your Torah or Haftarah portion and you are wondering, “How am I supposed to learn all this!? How does one study this stuff?!”

Please don’t panic and don’t worry! Remember that thousands of people before you have asked themselves the same question (I have been there too) and we all succeeded in our readings, so you have nothing to be afraid of.  As a matter of fact, communities embraces those who challenge themselves with the Torah and Haftarah readings and it is consider a great honor to be called to read from our sacred books. In other words, all the people around you will be very happy to see that you have prepared yourself for this special moment. We treasured the effort!

It is my wish that you enjoyed the process of learning the ancient skill of Torah and Haftarah reading.

I prepared this guide in order to help you and I truly hope it helps you find more meaning into our sacred texts.

I wish you a long and happy life!


Hazzan Diego Edelberg.

Cheshvan 5771, Hong Kong.