sergio bergman diego edelberg

Rabbi Sergio Bergman, Argentina.-

“Sharing the sacred task of connecting heaven and earth with Hazzan Diego Edelberg has been a wonderful experience. During his time in Buenos Aires he had an amazing impact on the community. His voice in prayer, awoke the emotion in each of us that turn joy into happiness and anguish into peace. Diego was highly respected by his coworkers and all the members of our congregation for his willingness to help anyone anytime. He is very well organized, easily reachable, and highly committed. He is still missed by our members and I know that any community who receives Diego as his Hazzan will be blessed by his talents as musician and educator.”

guido cohen

Rabbi Guido Cohen, Colombia.-

“Hazzan Edelberg is a unique combination of a engaging Jewish educator, a very gifted musician and an experienced minister. Diego can lead both services and concerts with an extraordinary ability to motivate, elevate and inspire souls into the spirit of Jewish prayer. He is also an outstanding teacher, able to draw into the depths of Jewish tradition children and adults alike. He is also an avid reader, who takes very seriously his own education, growing and learning everyday to be an even more dedicated cantor. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for three meaningful years and together we enjoyed leading services, learning and teaching together and joyously inspiring others to continue the path of Jewish tradition.”

Nina Price, Adjunct Instructor.- Hebrew College.

Nina Price, Adjunct Instructor.- Hebrew College.

Hazzan Diego Edelberg is a deeply thoughtful and reflective educator. He is highly attuned to the needs of learners and understands how to design educational experiences that challenge and inspire. His extensive work with diverse populations has attuned him to issues of diversity within the Jewish community. These strengths as an educator are evident in his pedagogical practice as well as in his ongoing commitment to his own education. I have had the pleasure of having Diego as a student in the MJEd program at Hebrew College. Throughout his coursework Diego has been deeply commitment to probing the material and connecting the theory he learns to his work as a Jewish communal leader. He is fully committed to his own growth as well as that of his students and would be a wonderful asset to any Jewish community.

Ana Scherer

Ana Scherer.- Chairwoman of the Jewish Women’s Association of Hong Kong 2012-2014

“Hazzan Diego Edelberg is a real asset to the Hong Kong Jewish community.  He contributes immensely to the life of the United Jewish Congregation as a Hazzan and as someone who truly connects to all who come his way.  He has been a committed supporter of the JWA of HK ever since he arrived in Hong Kong.  He lent his talents as a trained opera singer to the JWA when he sang a piece from “The Phantom of the Opera” at our main annual fundraising event, the JWA Gala.  His performance was a huge hit with the audience of more than 250 people and it enriched our event a great deal.  We raised more than US$ 250,000.00 on the night.  The JWA supports five organizations in Israel and the Hong Kong Breast cancer foundation.  We were very grateful to have him as a brilliant performer at our event!”


Julio Cesar Garcia Canepa

Julio César García Cánepa, Dean.- DAMus.

At the Department of Musical Arts “Carlos López Buchardo” (former National Conservatory of Music of Argentina) is where I was honor to grant Diego Edelberg the Bachelor of Musical Arts with specialization in instrument (Piano). Throughout all his career Diego was consider an excellent student by his teachers, allowing him to graduated with the highest qualifications. Diego was noted permanently for his musical talent and his human qualities; his great sense of responsibility and a very clear and precise vocation lead his professional path in such a way that makes our Institution proud to have him as one of our former students.

Mario Saban Phd, Spain.-

Mario Saban Phd, Spain.- Author of The Jewish roots of Christianity

“Judaism holds itself in the history of the efforts of every Jew. In this sense, the work of Diego Edelberg makes me personally proud. The historical continuity of Judaism holds with people like him. Having a broad view of the culture of our people is critical because it is not through a closed dogmatism that Judaism as a civilization continues and survives but because of the expansion and sharing of a knowledge that is sensitive to each generation. In this regard the work of Diego Edelberg is essential to rescue the older intellectual tradition of the people of Israel. Diego represents the best values of our nation and its best human qualities while sustaining the identity even in the distant land of Hong Kong. The academic strength, scientific exposition of all positions, the historical development and the sociological and philosophical analysis that Diego Edelberg presents in his blog should be amounted to the highest heights of the Jewish people. I personally feel that Diego’s work should be valued as a vital contribution to the promotion of our heritage and his goal of exposing and providing a conceptual clarity to Judaism is fundamental to the development of Jewish identity in the modern world.”