Jewish Educator

Hazzan Diego Edelberg has been working as Jewish Educator both in Spanish and English for the past 15 years in Argentina and Hong Kong.

As Jewish educator Diego has a particular commitment to children in the congregation and the skill to specially teach youth at B’nai Mitzvah age. Focusing on informal education, Diego’s mission is to teach Jewish tradition, values and practices through Jewish educational classes and experiences design specially for each appropriate age. He also assists other teachers in Religious and non-Religious Schools providing music recordings or visiting a class teaching songs when any special activity requires it. His responsibilities in terms of Jewish Education have included so far:

  • B’nai Mitzvah preparation and ceremonies – In collaboration with Rabbis, Diego has helped create a meaningful B’nai Mitzvah experience for students and families in Argentina and Hong Kong. In order to achieve this he trains students on Torah and Haftarah portions; teach them the biblical cantillation system (tropes or taamei hamikra); provide guidance for leading parts of the Jewish Prayer service; partner with Rabbi on family education; and provide updates to and be a resource for B’nai Mitzvah parents.
  • Diego has helped B’nai Mitzvah to engage in post-Bar and Bat Mitzvah activities as Madrichim or other youth Programs in continuing educational roles and activities.
  • He has work in collaboration with Directors of Education creating innovative learning opportunities that engage the students and their families. For example, Special Shabbatot that include children participation and the creation of a blog containing parts of the religious service so students and parents can practice and learn together.
  • Diego has helped creating and articulating Special Educational Programs related to Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam both in Argentina and Hong Kong.
  • He also loves to teach songs to toddlers for different educational programs such as the Havdalah Pajama Party at the UJC.
  • Diego has also developed and work with Madrichim Programs monitoring the well-being and enjoyment of all Madrichim and working with them to create important community activities such as the anual Purim Carnival in the UJC. He has also been responsible for organizing and facilitating on the go, special programming with the Madrichim for Sunday School in Hong Kong.

limmud flyerBut Diego’s role as educator does not end with children. Diego has been invited to teach adult classes in numerous opportunities covering liturgy, Jewish history, philosophy, biblical cantillation system (tropes or taamei hamikra) and Jewish education itself.  In 2013 Diego was invited to lecture at Limmud Hong Kong presenting a class about Yehuda Halevi and Moses Maimonides.

Diego has also been teaching thousands of his followers through his blog about Jewish history, philosophy, theology and education in Spanish. Launched in March 2011 the blog receives today more than 10,000 unique visitors every month from all over the world. It sends weekly emails to more than 2000 subscribers who receive teachings by Diego about Judaism from both a traditional and modern perspective.

To learn more about Diego’s blog of Jewish Education in Spanish please visit


hcIn December 2013 a major event happened in Diego’s career as both Hazzan and Jewish Educator: he was admitted for the Master of Jewish Education at Hebrew College in Boston. The mission statement of Hebrew College’s Master of Education clearly defines Diego’s goals as Jewish educator: a passion for Jewish education, a commitment to teach students of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and abilities; and the desire to strengthen Jewish community.

Finally, we would like you to enjoy the following two video presentations for the course Models of Teaching that Diego presented on the discussion about Issues in Jewish Education and Reflective Practice based on Israel Scheffler’s article “Jewish Education; Purposes, Problems and Possibilities.”; and also a presentation about How to Introduce a Unit of Study for B’nai Mitzvah Class.


 Issues in Jewish Education and Reflective Practice

based on Israel Scheffler’s article “Jewish Education; Purposes, Problems and Possibilities.”


 Introducing a Unit of Study for B’nai Mitzvah Class